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“I wish that Mommy never dies.” Helping My Preschooler Cope With Grief and Loss

Posted by Shani Thorton on Wednesday, Sep 6, 2017

Posted January 13, 2017 on ChildLifeMommyAbout the Author:Shani Thornton '07, is working as a Certified Child Life Specialist in private practice, parenting two little boys and always "pushing herself to do a little better." On her blog ChildLife Mommy, Shani shares tips on working with kids and adolescents and supporting ...

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Protecting Kids From Sexual Abuse

Posted by Shani Thorton on Monday, Jun 8, 2015

There has been a lot of discussion regarding child sexual abuse lately and the topic should continue. A recent blog post, “Why We Don’t Keep Secrets in Our House (Child Abuse Prevention)” on Denver Metro Mom’s Blog went viral and for a great reason. We need to face this unimaginable issue head ...

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