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Posted by D. Hansen on July 11, 2012

Ellen Galinsky
Ellen Galinsky

Ellen Galinsky, President and Co-Founder of Families and Work Institute, helped establish the field of work and family life at Bank Street College of Education, where she was on the faculty for twenty-five years. Her May 29, 2012 blog entry titled You Can Turn No Into Yes and Other Lessons Learned provides a list of seven life lessons learned as of May 2012.

Sharing the Research

Participants responded in particular to presentations by keynote speaker Catherine Tamis-Lamonda, PhD. Dr. Tamis-LaMonda’s workshop,

Recognizing and Supporting Parents’ Cultural Values, drew praise—as one attendee put it—“to how similar parents’ goals are across cultures, but that the means of achieving those goals will differ.

Pillowcase Project
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In introducing Dr. Tamis-LaMonda, who leads NYU Steinhardt’s Center for Research on Culture, Development, and Education, Nancy Balaban noted that she had achieved something in her career that “most of us here would love to be able to do. That is, follow infants from birth through preschool, visiting infants and families in their homes, schools, and communities using naturalistic observations, interviews and direct assessments of child development.”