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Deb Vilas to Lead CLC Survey on Fundamentals & Innovative Practices in Play

Posted by Amy Kline on March 22, 2013

Deb Vilas, Advisor & Instructor

As part of the Child Life Council’s Advancing the Field of Play for Hospitalized Children Initiative grant from The Walt Disney Company, Deb Vilas, MS, CCLS, LMSW, Bank Street Advisor & Instructor in the Child Life Program has been named project leader for an upcoming survey to document the range and comparative prevalence of play-related practices, policies, and programming in child life programs.

This survey will take place in June 2013. Since part of the purpose of the survey will be to compile statistical data about various practices and policies in programs, CLC will be collecting feedback for the survey at the program level rather than from individual CLC members. The survey will be distributed to program leaders from each of the child life programs identified in the online Directory of Child Life Programs.

Deb will be working with CLC over the coming months to construct the survey, assess the responses, and write a report of findings. A summary of the results will be published in an upcoming issue of the CLC Bulletin, and CLC is planning to explore additional options for publishing the full results of the survey.  CLC expects this to be a seminal work documenting the scope and delivery of play-based programs and services in use in the child life profession today.

As part of her planning for the project, Deb will be seeking input through the CLC Program Leaders Forum for suggestions of questions to ask and areas to explore in the survey.  While program leaders will serve as the point of contact for both the forum discussion and distribution of the survey, Deb will be facilitating discussions within programs to ensure that a wide range of perspectives are represented.  Deb is also planning to initiate a forum discussion this spring to collect suggestions and comments. She will then prepare a draft of the survey, test it with several programs, and make final revisions in time to distribute the final survey in early June 2013.

For specific information regarding this play survey, please email CLC Executive Director Dennis Reynolds or by phone: 301-881-7090 x 1715. 

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