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Dean Roach on Tk20 Assessment

Posted by Virginia Yukins on April 02, 2014

Dear Graduate School Community,

Educators and the programs that prepare them are facing increasing demands to document their proficiency and success. Those who work with children, families and teachers must document their successful practice. So, too, must the Bank Street Graduate School. Managing and communicating this data can be quite a challenging task. To better demonstrate accountability, to communicate the quality of the Bank Street College of Education programs with our constituencies, and to support our graduate students' professional development and advancement, we adopted the Tk20 assessment system in late fall 2012.

Tk20 is a comprehensive data management and learning outcomes assessment system that provides a rich set of tools to help track and enhance graduate students' growth, build professional portfolios, support career advancement, and support institutional accountability. While the primary purpose of this tool is to record program-based, aggregate data on all students who take specific course work within the Graduate School for program improvement purposes, the Tk20 system enables students to:

  1. Create key assessment and performance artifacts online, which will be available for access and use beyond graduation. This enables students to present documented performance data and information to prospective employers, who are increasingly interested in data-supported evidence of an individual’s current and potential performance.
  2. Create multimedia portfolios for documenting their work for presentation to faculty and prospective employers.
  3. Submit materials for state credentialing requirements when needed.

All matriculated students registered for one or more credits are automatically billed for a one-time only, non-refundable Institutional Assessment fee t o support this important work. Students see this charge on their tuition invoice. With this fee, students have access to their individual Tk20 account for 10 years to build their professional portfolio and support career advancement. Accounts may be renewed at each student’s option.

At times, students have asked why they must pay this fee and what is its purpose. All students are responsible for paying fees related to admissions and other services to support the capacity for our institution to operate on behalf of all the students. Student fees at Bank Street are not assessed on an a la carte or differentiated basis. Importantly, the assessment data gathered school wide enables Bank Street to demonstrate our impact on the development of progressive educators who will lead the field in the coming years. All students have an interest in graduating from an accredited institution and approved program and fees help to make this possible.

Teacher education programs throughout New York and across the country are relying on assessment systems to support their programs. After a thorough search process, and a great deal of deliberation across the graduate school, we determined that Tk20 is the best system to meet our needs. As you realize its potential and benefits, I am sure that you will be pleased. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at .


Virginia Roach

Virginia Roach, Ed.D.
Dean, Graduate School

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