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Family Center Partners with Verner Center in Mentor Project

Posted by D. Hansen on July 30, 2014
Laura Martin from Verner Center for Early LearningVerner's Laura Martin and Family Center Head Teacher Gabriel Guyton.

This summer, Bank Street's Family Center will host teachers from the Verner Center for Early Learning in Asheville, NC, for three days of observation, reflection, and coursework. This collaborative project between educators and childcare specialists is a continuation of a pilot mentor initiative launched last summer.

The teachers, along with their supervisor Laura Martin, will spend three days in New York City working closely with mentor teachers, as well as attending graduate level seminars.

This degree of immersion in the reflective cultures not only enhances the relationship between Bank Street and Verner but also will benefit all the children and families that these teachers work with in the future.

Participants from Bank Street include Family Center head teachers Sarah Willis and Gabriel Guyton, both with strong backgrounds in supervising and supporting developing teachers, and graduate school professor Marjorie Brickley.

The mentor program, led by executive director Jacque Penick of Verner, highlights her vision, enthusiasm, and tireless hard work in providing a strong partnership between Bank Street and Verner.

Teachers from Verner, at varying levels of experience, are paired with experts in early childhood education at Bank Street. The mentorship lasts 12 months, and includes on-site visits at both North Carolina and New York centers, where mentees have the opportunity to observe and be observed by Bank Street mentors. In addition to on-site work, mentors offer a continued exchange of ideas and supervision, including remote seminars and assessment of classroom videos and curriculum reports.

From left to right: Laura Martin, Gabriella Matayabas, Katie Hoerman, Family Center Head Teacher Sarah Willis.

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