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Each One Teach One 2014

Posted by Gretchen Adams on October 15, 2014

COS Experiential FairEach One Teach One is an annual event hosted by the Bank Street Council of Students (COS) to facilitate the sharing of ideas, research and experiences among graduate students and the larger Bank Street community. It began in 2012 and continues today as an open house style forum with Mini-Workshops and an Experiential Fair where participants could present their work and learn from one another. This year's event was organized by COS co-chairs Lily Cavanagh and Ryan Weaver.

The Experiential Fair featured various displays showcasing activities, experiences, and developmental platforms meaningful for children. Highlights included Graduate School faculty member Mollie Welsh Kruger sharing the Children's Book Committee award winners, a hands on art project as a way of helping autistic children respond to art in museums, and social stories, an activity to create stories that represent shared experiences in the classroom.

Sade Nickels WorkshopThe Mini-Workshops included topics on gender, practicing mindfulness, improvisation in teaching, creating safe spaces for young girls, using a Bank Street approach to the Common Core, and the early childhood science program at the American Museum of Natural History.

In “Supporting Gender Creative Children,” Sade Nickels, facilitator, went around the room asking what pronoun the participants identify as: he/him, she/her, they/them. The activity was a starting point for talking about gender and language, what words to use, and how to think about descriptors. Sade encouraged the participants not to put adult assumptions on children, but allow them to explore their own identity. For example, when reading to children, don’t be limited by the text; change the language to be more inclusive.

Edna Moy WorkshopEdna Moy, 8/9s Head Teacher with the School for Children, facilitated a workshop on Mindfulness, illustrating activities educators can bring into the classroom. From mindful walking—heel to toe walking around the room, focusing on walking and breathing; to mindful eating—placing raisins in each student’s hand and having them utilize all five senses before eating the raisins, the exercises help to focus children and develop positive habits that are often then shared with parents.

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