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Weismann Symposium and Dinner: The Arc of a Career Path

Posted by Gretchen Adams on December 18, 2014

Weismann PanelThe last Weismann Symposium and Dinner of the semester took place on December 17 and featured a panel presentation by Pat Finley, Co-Principal of Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School, Alli Keil, Co-Director of Community Roots Charter School, and Gloria Rosario, Principal of West Brooklyn Community High School. Brigid Dunn, graduate student in the Leadership for Educational Change program, moderated the discussion. The event, entitled The Arc of a Career Path: Mentoring, Networking, and Coalition-Building, focused on relationship building over the course of one’s career.

Weismann DinnerThe discussion centered on three main topics: mentoring, networking and coalition-building. Mentoring, happening earlier on in one’s career, is a very deep, sustainable relationship but often limited because of the one-on-one nature. Networking emerges from compatibility, career opportunities or problem solving and is often less sustainable but very helpful. Coalition-Building is a purposeful and sustained relationship, organized around shared values with advocacy or an action piece attached to it. Brigid laid out the three domains as aspects of professional development, with the panelists providing examples and practical advice from their own experiences.

Since 2007, the Adelaide Weismann Center for Innovative Leadership in Education has presented a series of dinner symposia each year, focused on current leadership challenges. At each symposium, a panel of school or district leaders—including Bank Street graduates—discuss specific challenges they have encountered and the wide range of factors that shaped their responses. Current graduate students in the Educational Leadership Department serve as moderators. Every Weismann Symposium and Dinner is a free event open to the Bank Street Community.

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