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Posted by Gretchen Adams on February 19, 2015

Gregg GoldstonThe Annual Lincoln Center Advisory Event was held on Wednesday, February 18. In partnership with Bank Street College, Lincoln Center Education (LCE) offers this special one-day workshop for teacher candidates at Bank Street every year. The program is run by teaching artists and focused on LCE methodology in aesthetic education in collaboration with a Bank Street faculty member. This year, Cathleen Wiggins worked with Becka Vargas to frame the curriculum for the workshops, which centered on two questions:

  1. In Louder than Words how does Gregg Goldston use gesture, humor, and strong physicalized intentionality (through exaggeration, focus, contrast) to invite us in to his unspoken narratives?
  2. How can we best use our gestural capacity [AND SILENCE] to communicate with students.

The event had over 75 attendants who participated in five workshops run by teaching artists Paul Thompson, Susan Thomason, Becka Vargas, Debra Lohse and Vicki Angel.

The workshops offered a range of choices for attendees. Becka Vargas's workshop focused on the subtleties of movements and gestures made when we speak with our bodies instead of our voices. Participants were asked to journal about a time when they met and overcame an obstacle, pick three words or short phrases that encapsulated the event, and then find a way to express those phrases without words. These silent monologues were then shared in small groups. The activity highlighted how those movements and gestures held more meaning and became more refined and thoughtful without the use of words.

A performance of Louder Than Words by Gregg Goldston utilizing the universal style of mime, followed the workshops. As Kate Williamson, a graduate student in the Museum Education: Childhood program, noted,

I was more aware of his movements and facial expressions, and the amount of work it takes to tell a story with no words.


Bank Street College offers two Museum Education programs and a Leadership in Museum Education program. The programs emphasize the educational role and mission of museums in a pluralistic society by providing a sound foundation in human development, learning theories, developing learner-centered classroom curricula, and museum policy and practice.

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