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Family Center & George to the Rescue!

Posted by Judith Gentry on April 29, 2015

NoneFind Judi at 11:54 on the video.

George to the Rescue, a home makeover show on NBC was redoing the basement for the Rende family. Joey their youngest child, 16 months, had a stroke at birth and therefore has weakness on his right side with limited use of his right hand. The family needed a place for Joey to play and to receive his therapies. I was asked to come in as a special education consultant and help the architect/designer design a space in the basement (which they were turning into a family room) where Joey could receive his therapies as well as a space for himself and his older sister to play.

I met with Joey and his mother to assess Joey, to find out his likes/dislikes, what his strengths are and what he needed to work on. I also had an opportunity to speak with Joey's mother and find out what their goals were for Joey and their family. I used the information during my assessment to purchase materials that were developmentally appropriate and would support the cognitive, speech and language,occupational and physical therapy goals that had been created for Joey. I was then able to help the designer create a space for Joey that would support all of his needs.


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