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Bank Street Faculty Attend Zero to Three Conference

Posted by Bank Street on December 10, 2015

In early December, members of the Bank Street community attended the National Training Institute’s Zero to Three conference in Seattle, WA, to learn and share the latest information on the development and education of infants, toddlers, and families.

At the conference, Graduate School of Education faculty members Marjorie Brickley and Gabriel Guyton joined Laura Martin of the Verner Center for Early Learning to present their collective work in a session titled “Innovative Strategies for Creating Cultures of Reflection: Moving Beyond Informing to Transforming Practice.”

The presentation recapped the team’s two-year joint project working with an Early Head Start program in North Carolina and showcased insights on how teachers and supervisors can deepen their meaningful interactions with young children.

Sarah Willis, Marjorie Brickley, Gabriel Guyton, Laura Martin, Jacque Penick Bank Street faculty members Sarah Willis, GSE '09; Marjorie Brickley, MSEd, IMHE® IV; and Gabriel Guyton, GSE '10, and Verner Center for Early Learning faculty members Laura Martin and Jacque Penick gather at the Zero to Three Conference in Seattle.

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