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Educators Convene for Language Series 2015

Posted by Gretchen Adams on December 15, 2015

NoneIn early November, the Graduate School hosted the 16th annual Language Series, a two-day conference designed to help educators explore the critical role that language plays in students’ social and academic success.

This year’s conference, titled “Language and the Brain,” featured a keynote presentation by Dr. Mark Bertin, a pediatrician and developmental and behavioral expert. His talk focused on how teachers can learn from neuroscience to create meaningful learning environments for children of all backgrounds.

“Children bring their cultural and linguistic heritage with them to school, and that creates the foundation for the further development of literacy,” said Dr. Luisa L. Costa, graduate faculty member and coordinator of the Language Series. “We now see that process as inseparable from how a child’s brain develops, and that should inform how we teach.”

Bank Street educators led six workshops on topics ranging from incorporating sign language to enhancing content knowledge through movement and dance, all connecting back to the intersection of a child’s experience and brain development.

Bank Street graduate student Amy Greenfield said she found this year’s Language Series inspirational. “Having referred to Dr. Bertin’s work in my research, it was deeply meaningful to hear from him in person. He emphasized that while we can’t always control the external factors in children’s lives, we can change how we work with them to help support their neurological, social, and emotional development,” she said.

Next year's Language Series wil be held November 18th and 19th and feature a keynote presentation by Ofelia Garcia.

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