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Bank Street News

Robie Harris Tackles Sensitive Issues in Appropriate Ways

Posted by Rachel Reda on April 22, 2015

In the early 1970s, Robie H. Harris sat in Central Park, holding her first-born baby boy. Her young nephews surrounded her, fascinated by the infant, and started asking questions. How do you know when he’s hungry? How does he learn to talk? How does he learn to walk? When did ...

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Bank Street News

Bank Street & Yale on Books as the Building Blocks of Play

Posted by Rachel Reda on April 20, 2015

Children have been playing for centuries. Through play, they acquire their own lens for observing the world around them. While parents and educators can provide children with tangible resources to inspire play, they cannot teach them how to play. It’s something that comes naturally, and is a crucial stage in ...

tagged: authors, center for children's literature, child development, play, yale

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Bank Street News

Kwame Alexander: Poetry and the Common Humanity

Posted by Rachel Reda on April 08, 2015

As a child, Kwame Alexander might have been the only young boy to get excited when his father told him to clean out the garage. For Kwame, the garage was a world of discovery. This particular space in their Virginia home was cluttered with milk crates stacked high, containing books ...

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Emergent Curriculum at Progressive Education Conference

Posted by Nicholas Gray on November 04, 2013

In October, Allie Bruce, Bank Street’s Children’s Librarian, and Anshu Wahi, the School for Children’s Director of Diversity and Community, traveled to Los Angeles to present at the Progressive Education Network (PEN) conference. Their presentation, “Loudness in the Library: Empowering Students to Think Critically About Identity and Bias,” demonstrated the ...

tagged: children's literature, diversity, emergent, progressive

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