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College Hosts Panel Discussion “The Bank Street Experience & Where It Can Take You”

Posted by Bank Street Communications on November 16, 2016

On Thursday, November 3rd, the Pemberton Society and the Graduate School of Education co-sponsored the Alumni of Color discussion, “The Bank Street Experience & Where It Can Take You: A Conversation between Alumni and Students of Color” at Bank Street College. Panelists included  Carmen Alvarez, '81, Vice President for Special ...

tagged: alumni, bank street news, graduate school, pemberton society

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Emory Campbell & Penn Center's Legacy

Posted by Nicholas Gray on February 14, 2013

Over 150 years after its founding, the Penn Center continues to inspire through its legacy of promoting freedom through education. In the above photo, a class visits in 2012. “This place will let you know, as you walk through with the Spanish moss hanging, that something happened here.”  —Emory Campbell ...

tagged: alumni, diversity, history, pemberton, social justice

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Bank Street

Pemberton Society Honors The Penn Center's 150th Anniversary

Posted by Elisabeth Jakab on February 05, 2012

For Black History Month, the Pemberton Society will put on an exhibit in the Bankstreet Lobby of historic photographs and memorabilia from the Penn Center, the very first school for freed slaves, and the heart of the unique Gullah culture. The exhibit will also feature the work of such renowned Gullah ...

tagged: alumni, black history month, diversity, fern khan, history, long trip, pemberton society

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Pemberton Society Honors Those Who Inspire Service

Posted by Nicholas Gray on November 15, 2011

Growing up, Cheryl Pemberton knew little of her aunt Priscilla’s work—only that whatever kept her so busy had something to do with service. What she did know was that her aunt’s expectation “was to be educated, to be involved, and to be committed to a cause to help improve the human ...

tagged: david patterson, diversity, fern khan, lucia henley jack, pemberton society, tonya lewis lee

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