Center for Culturally Responsive Practice at Bank Street College of Education (CCRP)

The mission of the Center for Culturally Responsive Practice at Bank Street is to build and coordinate the capacity of communities to support children and families through the collaborative development of culturally responsive strength- and evidence-based systems, programs, and practices.

The Center for Culturally Responsive Practice co-develops and implements culturally responsive, professional development training and technical assistance programs with city and state administration, districts and regions, and local community organizations. These programs:

  • Begin with self-reflection and critical reflectivity – an understanding and appreciation of one’s own cultural background and how it shapes our perceptions and responses to others.
  • Build from cultural and linguistic evidence-based research and best practices.
  • Focus on family strengths and assets, recognizing that programs and schools are most effective when systems and services are responsive to the cultures of enrolled families and staff.
  • Foster more than a simple appreciation of cultural difference; they deliver concrete ways to implement culturally responsive practices and policies.