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Children & Families


Bank Street Head Start

Bank Street Head Start provides 68 children ages 3 and 4 from low-income families a year-round comprehensive educational program that meets their children’s cognitive, social, emotional, health, nutritional, and psychological needs. Bank Street Head Start serves as a model site for practitioners, including a recent video series developed by our Graduate School of Education. Please click here to visit the Head Start homepage.

Liberty LEADS

Liberty LEADS provides after-school, weekend, and summer programs designed to support 300 youth ages 10-18 from underserved communities. The program focuses on meeting the cognitive, social, and personal needs of students to help them discover their strengths and talents, attain higher education, develop their leadership capacity, and build the skills necessary to realize their potential and make positive contributions to society. Liberty LEADS is a critical anchor in Bank Street’s direct work to support the community of northern Manhattan. Please click here to visit the Liberty LEADS homepage.