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Development: Adolescence Through Emerging Adulthood

Child Life Students Only This course continues from EDUC 500: Child Development, focusing on development from adolescence through emerging adulthood. The interactions between physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development will be an organizing focus in the course. Participants will critically analyze different developmental theories about their own experiences, and the experiences of adolescents and young adults and their families, in a range of settings. Through reading classic and current literature, participants will attend to some of the larger questions about development, such as the role and impact of brain development, as well as the tension between the search for developmental universals and the reality of individual differences. The course will pay close attention to adolescentsÂ’ emerging identities as mediated by factors including family, peer group, socioeconomic class, gender identity, power, religion, race, language, culture and health, as participants learn to support adolescents and young adults in health care and community environments to develop agency and a positive sense of self. Prerequisite: EDUC 500