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Teaching Social Studies: Curriculum, Methods and Assessment for Adolescents with Disabilities

Deeply rooted in the philosophy that social studies is central to adolescents' understanding the world that they inherit and inhabit, this course examines methods for planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating curriculum and instructional strategies for adolescents with disabilities in the social studies. It emphasizes collaboration to support the differentiation of instruction based on teaching structures, learners, enviroment, curriculum, and standards. Methods for teaching study skills to build student advocacy are integrated. There is an emphasis on making interdisciplinary connections within and beyond the school walls as well as incorporating studnets' experiences and beliefs into lessons and course design. Access to the general education curriculum is central. This course will also examine a variety of approaches for fostering critical thinking and conversations about controversial issues in a culturally responsive and anti-bias context. An inquiry approach within a social justice framework is essential to this course. Assistive technology to support learning is included. (Pending approval of the Curriculum Committee.)