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Integrating Technology into the Curriculum in Inclusive and Special Education Settings

This course focuses on integrating technology into the curriculum to create access to learning for students with different strengths and challenges. Two questions are explored in depth: What technologies should we use to support student inquiry? When should we use these tools and with which students? Structured as a mini-curriculum designed to provide a model and engage participants in an authentic, project-based learning experience, the course uses both technology and non-technology tools. Students will use print materials and Internet resources, consult with experts, document and explore using digital images, and create a multi-media presentation to communicate what they have learned. Reflection is another key component; students are asked to reflect on their experiences in the course from the perspective of learner and teacher. While curriculum development and pedagogy are at the heart of the course, students also learn technology skills including use of scanners, Adobe Photoshop, PowerPoint, digital, still and video cameras, and also how to use and evaluate Internet resources. Students discuss these skills within the context of their own classrooms to support inquiry-driven learning.