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Native Language Literacy for Spanish-Speaking Children

Through this course students explore the acquisition of literacy skills in the child's first language, in this case, Spanish. The course will focus on four areas: oral language development through storytelling, songs, poems, games, etc.; literacy development; the use of literature and of teacher- and student-made materials; and grammar and spelling. Students will analyze ways of using children's literature and children's writing in a reading program and will explore ways to teach reading and writing in the content areas. Participants will also assess commercially available materials for teaching reading and writing in Spanish, as well as original and translated Spanish children's literature. Teacher- and student-made materials will be examined and developed, particularly in the context of children's varied learning styles. Graduate students will also review the rules of Spanish grammar and orthography. This course is taught in Spanish. Prerequisites: EDUC 537 and EDUC 561 or permission of instructor.