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Exhibition Development and Evaluation

This course focuses on the development of interpretive exhibitions, with emphasis on participatory exhibitions for children and families. The exhibition is viewed and analyzed as a learning environment that conveys cultural values. Students study the process of creating an exhibition from inception to installation and examine the roles of educator, designer, curator, and evaluator in a team approach to exhibition development with focus on the role of the educator. Through class sessions and assignments, students meet with exhibition designers, observe visitor behavior, critique and evaluate exhibitions, and engage in problem-solving activities related to exhibition development. Throughout the course, students work in small groups to develop exhibition projects that are informed by theories about learning and curriculum development. At each stage of the exhibition development process, students informally assess exhibition components with children and revise their projects based on these assessments. The course also addresses the role of technology in exhibitions. Throughout the semester, students engage in online conversations and use Internet resources related to course ideas. For matriculated Museum Education students or by permission of the program director.