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Process Pedagogy: The Teaching Methods of the National Dance Institute and the Implications for the Teaching/ Learning Process

This innovative graduate course is offered in collaboration with the National Dance Institute (NDI), an exemplary arts education program founded by Jacques d™?Amboise, former principal dancer with New York City Ballet. The term process pedagogy was conceived by Dr. Nancy Rambusch, noted early childhood educator and founder of the American Montessori movement, to characterize the methodology employed by NDI. In their year-long program in public schools throughout New York City and elsewhere in the country, NDI serves children from diverse backgrounds and with a wide range of learning needs. Drawing upon NDI™?s year-long program, this course is a one-week summer institute in which dance is used as an experiential text that preservice and inservice teachers can use to reflect on pedagogical practices. The course has two integrated components: a dance program, where adult participants prepare for an ensemble performance along with children ages 9 to 12; and a pedagogical component in which the adult participants study the methodology of NDI in order to consider its implications for teaching in their own contexts and to reflect on the value of arts education in children™?s lives. The course offers a unique opportunity for general and special education teachers, teacher leaders, arts educators, and teaching artists to explore the connections between arts education and pedagogical practice across grade levels and curriculum areas. A background in dance is not required.