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Seminar in Museum Education II

This course is a continuation of the Seminar in Museum Education I. Students study the people who comprise museums: the staff, audiences, and communities. Through readings, visits to museums, discussions with staff, and investigations in their museum internship settings, students consider the mission, organizational structure, and staff roles in museums, and explore current museum-related issues, including collections, governance, funding, professionalism, and technology. Emphasis is placed on working more sensitively with and broadening museum audiences with attention to issues of culture, language, socio-economic status, and educational level. Students study the characteristics and needs particular audiences: adolescents, adults, families, and visitors with a range of disabilities. To develop their professional skills, students prepare an audience study project and write a grant proposal. Throughout the semester, students engage in online conversations and use Internet resources related to course issues. Prerequisite: EDUC 533.