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Child Life in the Healthcare Setting: A Family-Centered Care Approach

When facing acute and chronic illness, today's infants, children and adolescents pose a unique challenge to health care professionals. This course provides an overview of the theory, practice, and programming of the child life profession, with an emphasis on family-centered care. This course is designed for, but not limited to, students interested in a career as a child life specialist. A developmental perspective is used to examine the child's perception and understanding of hospitalization and related health care experiences within the context of a diverse culture. Through carefully sequenced didactic and clinical components, case studies, small group discussions, guest speakers, clinical observations and assignments, students are exposed to the competencies of the child life specialist as developed by the Child Life Council. Appropriate interventions and practical strategies designed to mitigate the painful, invasive and frightening aspects of medical treatment are covered. Prerequisite: EDUC 500.