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The Teacher's Role in the Development of Reading Comprehension: Strategic Teaching (Grades K - 6)

This course will enable teachers to extend their theoretical and practical understanding of the ways to support children's reading comprehension in kindergarten through 6th grade. Using theoretical frameworks, students will investigate comprehension skills and strategies by identifying and matching the demands of text with the multiple needs of emergent to fluent readers. Students will develop competencies in current literacy practices such as "Interactive Read Aloud," "Think Aloud," "Guided Reading," and "Questioning the Author." In addition, they will analyze the ways in which teaching reading comprehension strategies empowers children to be independent readers. Teachers will be able to use the strategies demonstrated in this course with all learners, including English language learners and children with special needs. Prerequisite: EDUC 563 or EDUC 567 or 568 or permission of the instructor upon demonstrated knowledge of experience with reading instruction.