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Early Language and Literacy in Sociocultural Contexts: Supporting Development and Adapting for Disability

This course examines communication, language, and literacy as they emerge in infancy through early childhood (birth-8). Special attention will be given to the integrated nature of learning in these early years, encompassing social, physical, emotional, and cognitive growth. Language socialization, communicative competence, and literacy are seen as expressions of sociocultural learning. The students will learn about similarities and variations in the linguistic and discourse traditions of different cultural groups, as well as the developmental pathway for children learning two or more languages. Throughout the course students will be introduced to communication disorders and other disabilities of the early years that affect language and literacy learning. Students will assess language and literacy development and plan activities appropriate for different early childhood settings. Specific practices will be identified to enhance the experience of young children who are English language learners. Modifications and adaptations to support the learning of children with disabilities will be explored. Prerequisite: EDUC 500 or EDUC 800. Pre- or Co-requisite: EDUC 505.