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Practicum in Developmental Assessment of Infants and Toddlers

This Practicum prepares students to assess and support families with very young children across a wide developmental range, including those with developmental delays. Taking a relationship-based developmental approach to the observation and assessment of infant/toddler behavior, students will use the assessment process to provide a close look at development within each of the developmental domains. Students will be trained in a collaborative approach with families, learning to support families throughout the assessment process, focusing on the strengths and challenges to the child¡Ás development. Students come to understand the young child within the sociocultural context of his/her family. Families with a range of cultural, economic, and racial backgrounds participate in the assessment process of the course. The course requires students to make a play-based developmental assessment, including observations of the child and dialogue with parents in the family's home. In class, students learn to administer The Bayley Scales of Development. They also meet with the family to discuss the assessment process. Various video, audio, and computer-based technology experiences enhance the student's learning. Prerequisites: EDUC 801 and EDUC 802.