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Early Childhood Practicum II: Collaboration with Families and Colleagues about the Cycle of Assessment, Planning, and Instruction

This course completes a year-long sequence of work with a child and the child's family. The focus in the second semester is twofold: 1) developing a responsive collaboration with the family about the child's learning and development and 2) analyzing the graduate student's own interactions and instructional strategies with the child. Through conversations with the family, students will learn about the family's view of the child. Students will engage in a variety of informal assessment practices designed for the needs of their study child. Based on their growing understanding of the child and the child's interests and developmental needs, students will design and implement interactions, activities, or instructional strategies during scheduled meetings with the child. Students will develop their ability to record and monitor the child's learning in short weekly progress notes and will plan their future work through reflections on their own actions and the responses of the child. Students will learn to analyze the environment, task, child's characteristics and interests, instructional approaches, and their own responses in order to more fully support the child's development and learning. Students will work with families to jointly plan IEP/IFSP or other goals. Prerequisite: EDUC 894.