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Adolescent Mathematics Supervised Fieldwork and Advisement

This seminar and fieldwork experience consists of a cohort of graduate students who meet with their advisor throughout the two years of the program. The seminar includes the exchange and analysis of ongoing professional experiences based on the graduate studentsÂ’ experiences in the field. It provides a forum for integrating theory with practice, and the creation of a professional learning community. Attention is given to instructional strategies for addressing the academic strengths and needs of adolescent math learners, including constructing classroom environments that support collaboration and agency. In addition, the seminar examines the historical, philosophical, and cultural roots of math education as they have influenced current practices and innovations, and explores Bank Street's history and philosophy as a progressive institution. Participants engage in guided field assignments, including planning and implementing math lessons, which support their professional growth and development. Twice a semester, the advisor observes and discusses the graduate studentÂ’s evolving practice.