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The Teaching of Reading, Writing , & Langauge Arts in Enl Setting (prek-12)

This course addresses the ways in which language, congnition, and the socio-emotional development of students shape and are shaped by effective reading, writing, and language arts instruction. Employing a social constructivist perspective, the course prepares teachers to meet the needs of students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Participants will explore how emergent bilingual students utilize their entire linguistic repertoire, as well as their cultural and family backgrounds when learning to speak, listen, read, and write in a new language. Participants will recognize how home languages and language varieties impact the selection of readings, writing assignments, feedback, error analysis, and the interpretation of literacy assessments. Participants will explore approaches for teaching phonics, multimodal composition, rhetorical genre studies (RGS), and translingual research to develop flexible and culturally responsive literacy practices. Particular attention will be paid to the ways in which ENL teachers can collaborate with classroom teachers to deveop literacy goals for students with varied language proficiencies (entering, emerging, transitional, expanding, and commanding) and developing literacy skills. Participants will also explore how to create portable and fixed learning environments that support a balance approach to literacy, as well as explore ways to use age-appropriate technology to support students' multimodal literacy development. In addition to gaining a deeper understanding of the reading and writing process, participants will better define their roles as literacy teachers and advocates of literacy practices that support emergent bilingual students. Prerequisite: TESL 530.