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The Teaching of English Grammars & Discourse in Enl Settings

Participants will critically historical and current approaches used to teach English grammar in the United States and in other English-speaking countries. Research on the effectiveness of teaching grammar will inform participants as they design learning experiences to support emergent bilinguals' English proficiency levels (entering, emerging, transitional, expanding, and commanding). Participants will use language assessments and error analyses in order to guage students' grammatical needs when speaking and writing and will use this assessment to inform the development of grammar lessons. The course will support participants in using technology for assessment and instruction and will focus the teaching of grammar as a tool for helping studnets engage more meaningfully in spoken and written discourse across a range of grade levels and content areas. Participants will study grammars as living, dynamic systems, and through lesson design, they will empower students to consciously use grammers as communication tools in response to particular audiences and situations. Participants will collaborate with classroom teachers and school leaders to integrate grammar lessons into existing literacy units used in schools. Prerequisite: TESL 561.