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Certificates & Programs


Digital Technologies and the Early Childhood Environment Certificate
This online certificate is designed for educators of children, ages four through eight, who wish to learn more about technology and its authentic use in the early childhood environment. The methods and technologies introduced emphasize culturally sensitive and developmentally appropriate practices for a variety of early childhood settings. The courses for this certificate take place over four weeks and include asynchronous (at your own pace) activities and periodic synchronous (together, live, in real time) sessions. Course instructors will act both as a leaders and mentors by offering regular support, suggestions, and direction. Students should expect to spend 3-5 hours per week on coursework.

Summer Camp & Afterschool Leadership Certificate
This online certificate is designed for professionals in leadership, administration, and staff positions who wish to expand their professional skills and learn more about the Bank Street approach to camp and afterschool programs. Participants explore developmentally appropriate theories and practices through the context of summer camp and afterschool programming including opportunities to build upon student’s academic knowledge, negate summer learning loss, and support children’s social-emotional growth. Participants will gain practical skills and techniques to identify areas of improvement, set realistic goals, and implement strategies to reach those goals.


Math Place Online: Fractions, Decimals & Percents
In this program, teacher leaders, teachers, and parents deepen their math knowledge, develop teaching practices using hands-on and developmental methods, and connect curriculum with the Common Core State Standards.

Bank Street Curriculum Project
Bank Street Curriculum Project is an ongoing endeavor between the School for Children (SFC) and Continuing Professional Studies (CPS) to provide open curriculum resources and program guides for teachers. These resources are developed by SFC teachers and embody all the principles of children's growth and learning that were derived from Bank Street's philosophy of progressive education. This project continues the mission of CPS to provide rich materials and resources for the professional development of teachers worldwide. These resources are free and open to all educators.