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Summer Camp & Afterschool Leadership Certificate

out of school time programming

This online certificate is designed for professionals in leadership, administration, and staff positions who wish to expand their professional skills and learn more about the Bank Street approach to camp and afterschool programs. Participants explore developmentally appropriate theories and practices through the context of summer camp and afterschool programming including opportunities to build upon student’s academic knowledge, negate summer learning loss, and support children’s social-emotional growth. Participants will gain practical skills and techniques to identify areas of improvement, set realistic goals, and implement strategies to reach those goals.

The four courses for this certificate take place over four weeks each and include periodic synchronous (together, live, in real time) sessions and asynchronous (participants work at times that suit them best; however, there will be firm weekly due dates for assignments). Course instructors will act both as leaders and mentors by offering regular support, suggestions, and direction. Students should expect to spend 3-5 hours per week on coursework.

Certificate Workshops

Fall 2017

Child Development in the Context of Camp and Afterschool (TEWS799N)

This workshop examines developmental theories integral to the Bank Street approach. Participants explore how out-of-school time programs connect teaching and learning meaningfully to the outside world. Topics include social-emotional growth, resilience and independence, personal identity, community culture, cognitive growth and problem solving and the learning of life skills. The cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of children is explored in the context of the summer camp and afterschool experiences.

Course Timetable: November 1 – December 4 (No workshop meeting Thanksgiving week)

Out-of-School Time Administration and Leadership (TEWS805N)

This workshop identifies the needs and concerns of families and staff, recognizing and supporting diversity and cultural competency. Participants explore strategies and practices that help to build important structures for summer camp and after school administration, from developing a culture of community to understanding enrollment, staff development, and program assessment. Topics include application process and evaluation, understanding health concerns and diversity issues, communication and leadership skills, and implementing systems of support for families and staff

Course Timetable: November 6 – December 6 (No workshop meeting Thanksgiving week)

Future Courses:

Staff Development for Afterschool and Summer Camp Programs (TEWS806N)

This workshop provides a framework for developing, training, and leading camp staff. Participants strengthen their understanding of the principles and methods for developing and managing adolescents and young adults as camp counselors. Special emphasis is given to the supervision of teen and young adult youth leaders. Topics include, hiring and vetting staff, expectations of staff performance, developing a diverse staff, and evaluating staff growth and critical reviews.

Course Timetable: TBD

Program Identity, Systems and Culture (TEWS804N)

This workshop surveys the central concepts for the development of program identity, administrative systems, and staff culture. Participants are introduced to theories and methods used to design camp and afterschool programs, and examine a diversity of approaches to describe and assess identity, systems, and culture. Special emphasis is given to targeting and messaging for specific audiences. Topics include, defining and assessing mission, philosophy, goals, organization and management, and branding and marketing.

Course Timetable: TBD