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Bank Street Curriculum Project

Sacred Object Exploration

Bank Street Curriculum Project is an ongoing endeavor between the School for Children (SFC) and Continuing Professional Studies (CPS) to provide open curriculum resources and program guides for teachers. These resources are developed by SFC teachers and embody all the principles of children's growth and learning that were derived from Bank Street's philosophy of progressive education. This project continues the mission of CPS to provide rich materials and resources for the professional development of teachers worldwide. These resources are free and open to all educators.

Available SFC Curriculum Guides

Social Studies Integrated Art Curriculum

One of the most concrete and readily available ways to connect to Social Studies, people and cultures is through looking carefully at the artists and crafts of a particular culture. Visit the website

Nature of Belief Curriculum Guide

This guide focuses on living world religions including, places of worship, prayer and ritual, creation stories and views of the afterlife, rites of passage, sacred texts and morality.

Bank Street Balanced Literacy Program Guide

This guide presents the components of the School for Children's literacy program from Kindergarten through 2nd Grade. The content and materials provided are intended to support parent's understanding of the program.

Science Expo Explained Curriculum Guide

This guide is a model for how to create a hands-on, in-school, standards-based, STEM appropriate science expo, not a traditional science fair curriculum.

Math Curriculum 11/12s (6th Grade) New!

This guide helps students experience how math is used in the real world and apply their knowledge to problem solving situations. Included in the curriculum are projects and scenarios that help students understand how mathematics can be applied outside their classroom.