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Early Number, Addition, and Subtraction

Focus on: Grades K - 4
Course Number: TEED650N

How do children develop computational strategies to help them add and subtract? This course explores how children make sense of these operations. Through video clips and student work samples, we'll examine effective, efficient, and accurate problem-solving strategies that children can use to master addition and subtraction. We'll discuss the role of the standard algorithm in a standards-based mathematics classroom and consider the teacher's role in helping children develop computational fluency. In addition, you will examine mathematical ideas central to addition and subtraction, thereby deepening our own mathematical content knowledge.

August 1 and 2, 2018
Wednesday and Thursday, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
1 CEU $405/ 1 credit $1,565
Materials fee $30 (includes required text)
Registration Deadline: 7/25



"I have helpful information- materials and resources to support my 2nd graders developing numeracy skills."
   —Teacher, 24 years

"This class and Eliza were wonderful! I found it so insightful and packed with information. It went by so quickly."
   —Teacher, 4 years

"A whole new way of thinking about how young children acquire and learn to understand math concepts."
   —Teacher, 20 years

"Eliza was a fantastic instructor and I can't believe how much she taught us in two days. This course couldn't be improved." - Margaret P., Learning Specialist, 8 years