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Designing Assessment

Focus on: Grades 2-8
Course Number: TEWS737N

How can assessments be used to provide you with useful, ongoing feedback about what students know and understand? How can assessments address the diverse learners in your classrooms, as well as the habits of mind and knowledge of the 21st Century, such as collaboration and multi-perspective problem solving? This one-day course will consider the design of authentic performance assessments in which students apply their knowledge and skills to novel, real-world contexts. We will begin with a brief exploration of principles of effective assessments and a framework for designing authentic performance assessments around core or national standards or goals, as described by Jay McTighe in Core Learning: Assessing What Matters Most. Using the principles and framework, students will work together to develop assessments or to redesign assessments that they use currently in their curriculum. Student work will be shared so that participants have a robust collection of performance assessments to use in their respective classroom settings.  Instructor: Sandra Kleinman                                    

 Course timetable Dates: November 3 – December 3
1 CEU $405 (not offered for credit)
Registration Deadline: 10/27