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Differentiated Instruction Day by Day

Focus on: Grades K-6
Course Number: TEWS723N
Course Format: Online

This course is designed to deepen the experienced teacher’s knowledge of differentiated instruction. By informing implementation with theory and studying evidence-based practices participants will refine and enhance their ability to establish structures and approaches for making knowledge, understanding, and skills accessible to all students. Teachers will examine classroom rituals and routines that foster students’ independence in a responsive classroom environment to promote and map continual growth. Specific strategies for designing and managing scaffolded instruction that creates multiple pathways to learning will be explored.

1 CEU: $405 (not offered for credit)
Registration Deadline: TBA

This workshop is asynchronous. Participants work at times that suit them best; however, there will be firm weekly due dates for assignments. The course instructor will act both as a leaders and mentors by offering regular support, suggestions, and direction.