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The Essential Orton-Gillingham

Focus on: Grades 1 - 6
Course Number: SPED585N

The Orton-Gillingham method of teaching decoding, spelling, and handwriting is a multisensory approach that has been used successfully with children who experience difficulty learning these skills. This course trains you in the Orton-Gillingham techniques and translates high-interest comprehension activities into literacy programs.

Required text: Preventing Academic Failure, by Phyllis Bertin and Eileen Perlman (Monroe Associates Publishers).

The course addresses NY State English Language Arts Standards 1 and 4.

April 21-22 and May 5-6, 2017
(Required asynchronous online work due on 5/19)

Fridays, 4:45 – 9:15 pm
Saturdays, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
24 CTLE or 2 CEU $810 / 2 credits $2950
Materials fee $78 (includes required text.)
Registration Deadline: 4/14