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Supporting Language Development in the Classroom

Focus on: Pre-School, Ages 2 - 5
Course Number: SEWS554N

Using a timeline for typical development as a foundation, we will define language and discuss specific strategies for expanding receptive and expressive language in young children. Language characteristics typically associated with a variety of early developmental difficulties including autistic spectrum disorders will be discussed.  You will learn to assess language learning styles and experiment with multi-sensory materials to facilitate children's language development. This course will highlight specific techniques to incorporate in the classroom during daily lessons to stimulate and foster language comprehension, production, and pragmatics. You will leave with a repertoire of classroom strategies for helping children with a wide range of language abilities listen, learn, and communicate more effectively.

July 18 and 20, 2017
Tuesday and Thursday, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
.6 CEU $275 (not offered for credit)
Materials fee $10
Registration Deadline: 7/11