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Making the Most of Learning Walks

Focus on: Principals, Assistant Principals, Instructional Leaders Pre-K -8 
Course Number: LEAD603N

While instructional leaders regularly rely on formal observations and evaluations to drive change within their schools, there is significant evidence that brief, structured, non-evaluative learning walks/walk throughs can significantly impact and improve teaching and learning. When leaders collaborate with staff to focus critically on school goals and then develop meaningful plans for implementation, learning walks positively impact instruction.  This 4-week workshop will assist you as you (1) develop a critical focus for meaningful learning walks within your school; 2) plan and implement a structure and communication process for these classroom visits, and (3) evaluate the effectiveness of these learning walks.

We’ll address the following questions:

  • What features make learning walks meaningful?
  • What purposes do they serve?
  • How do they differ from formal observations?
  • How do I plan and implement these in my school? 
  • How do learning walks clarify instructional and curricular decisions for the teachers and myself?  
  • How do I ensure that learning walks are collaborative and bring about school improvement? 

Course timetable

1 CEU: $405 (not offered for credit)
Registration Deadline: TBA
Students should expect to spend 3-5 hours per week on coursework, except where noted.

This workshop is asynchronous, participants work at times that suit them best; however, there will be firm weekly due dates for assignments. The course instructor will act both as a leader and mentor by offering regular support, suggestions, and direction.