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Mathematics & the Young Child

Focus on: Ages 3 – 5 Years
Course Number: TEWS706N
Course Format: Online

This course focuses on early mathematical content and concepts that are relevant to young children during the first five years of life. The course is designed to teach students effective strategies to recognize and promote mathematical development and learning in all young children. Students will explore what mathematics looks like for toddlers, and preschoolers and learn specific ways to facilitate young children’s mathematical development.

Students will practice what they are learning through a variety of assignments, including if possible direct interactions with young children. This online course was designed by the National Head Start Family Literacy Center.

Course timetable: TBA
1 CEU: $405 (not offered for credit)
Registration Deadline: TBA

*This course may fulfill 1 CEU toward CDA Renewal requirements. Contact us for more information.