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Multicultural Education throughout the Curriculum

Focus on: Grades K - 8
Course Number: TEED578N

In this course, we will develop a culturally responsive approach to teaching and learning by examining a variety of models of multicultural education that incorporate diverse, multiple perspectives. Participants will learn how to assess the state of multicultural education within a range of educational settings, and define goals, strategies and frameworks for creating and implementing an inclusive curriculum across a range of grade levels and content areas.  By making use of folk tales and other literature, incorporating art activities, participating in music and movement improvisations and exploring museum-based resources, participants will develop social studies themes related to self-identity, community and broader historical perspectives. The goal is to explore creative ways of placing a multicultural lens on all aspects of the K-8 curriculum. The course is designed to be interactive and incorporates reflection and personal perspective-taking. Printmaking, weaving, mask-making andbook arts will be featured among the many hands-on activities.

*Pending approval of the College’s Curriculum Committee

1 CEU $405 / 1 credit $1,1416*
Materials fee $20
Registration Deadline: TBD