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Setting Norms & Managing Difficult Behaviors

Supporting Student's Growth

Focus on: Ages 5 - 12 Years
Course Number: TEWS717N
Course Format: Online

Teachers are on the frontlines and need answers to an increasing number of behavioral and emotional incidents that they see in their classrooms.  Many teachers avail themselves of a range of strategies in the hopes of finding solutions to some of the challenging behaviors they encounter.  While some of these strategies are successful some of the time, few strategies are successful most or all of the time. This workshop is designed to do three things:  (1) to help you begin to develop the critical lens through which you can analyze your students' cases/situations; (2) to become more aware of the effect that you, as the teacher in the classroom, have on your students' individual and collective behavior patterns; and (3) to learn more about how to craft and implement interventions that have the best chance of success—in both the short and long terms.  

We’ll tackle questions such as:

  • Why is community building so important when working to strengthen the management system of a classroom and promote students’ behavioral growth?
  • What role does relationship-building play in a teacher’s ability to support her students’ behavioral and socio-emotional growth?
  • How do I go about choosing and setting routines that will facilitate more positive behavior and interpersonal interactions?
  • How should I go about establishing classroom norms so that is a collaborative process (and why is this important)?

1 CEU: $405 (not offered for credit)
Registration deadline: TBA