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Teaching a Second Language Using Classroom Structures and Routines (Grades PreK - 3)

Focus on: Grades Pre-K-3
Course Number: TEWS746N

As new initiatives for dual language education programs are being rolled out, there is an increase in children learning a second language in classrooms. It is imperative that teachers guide and support children towards second language acquisition in developmentally appropriate ways. This workshop will help teachers set classroom structures, through the use of songs, rhymes and chants to support children towards becoming confident risk takers within a second language. Teachers in this course will also develop routines that allow children to transfer knowledge from one language to the other with ease. We will discuss developmentally appropriate practices for second language learners, as well as the use of materials specific to their needs. 

December 2, 2017
Saturday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
6 CTLE or 0.6 CEU $275 (not offered for credit)
Materials fee $10
Registration Deadline: 11/23


"Even though I'm not a Spanish speaker or teach in a dual [language] school, I learned new strategies to incorporate into my classroom."
-Teacher, 9 years

"This course provided me with many practical techniques to apply in my classroom."
- Dual Language Teacher, 3 years