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Curriculum Design, Learning & Technology in the Elementary Years

Bridging Practice and Theory

Focus on: Grades 2 - 5
Course Number: TEWS725N

This course focuses on how children learn best in today’s digital world.  During the course we:

  • Discuss learning theories and current research in education technolog,
  • Develop a framework for curriculum design that integrates technology, and
  • Design a curricular module that takes into account children’s academic, social and emotional development while leveraging technology.

The course is for all educators interested in designing powerful learning interventions that address the whole learner. Participants’ will begin working on a robust learning intervention – curriculum design or a curricular module that integrate digital media including the expressive arts in their learning design and is based on current research and practice.

Course timetable: TBA

1 CEU: $405 (not offered for credit)
Registration Deadline: TBA

This workshop is asynchronous, participants work at times that suit them best; however, there will be firm weekly due dates for assignments. The course instructor will act both as a leader and mentor by offering regular support, suggestions, and direction.