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The Youngest Scientists: Hands-on Adventures

Focus on: Ages 3 - 8 Years
Course Number: TEED531N

Bring out the inner scientist in your students and yourself with this course, which includes a wide range of easy-to-do scientific experiments and activities. Using familiar, easily obtainable materials and simple hands-on exercises that illustrate scientific principles, you can learn to make science both accessible and intriguing to children of any age.

Some areas covered include: using your senses as scientific tools, science in the air, approaching art and cooking as science, studying living things, and additional adventures in chemistry, physics, electricity, and magnets.

December 2 and 3, 2016
Friday, 4:45 - 9:15pm
Saturday, 9:00am - 5:00pm
1 CEU $405 / 1 credit $1,475
Materials fee $15
Registration Deadline:11/25


I learned "scientific concepts can be approached in a developmentally appropriate way for the age group I work with and Leonisa gave me clear examples on how to do so." - Jennifer M., Early Childhood Teacher, 10 years

"This was so eye-opening! I learned so much and am very excited to bring what I learned into the classroom with my students!" -
Lisa W., Kindergardent Teacher, 3 years

This workshop was "very hands-on and engaging...Loved the "cross-cutting" of disciplines and the use of a framework that integrated concepts and practices across biology, chemistry, physics, etc. vs. seeing them as dicrete." - R. Weaver, After School Instructor, 5 years