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About CPS

CPS is the continuing education program of Bank Street's Graduate School. We provide educators with practical strategies that can be implemented immediately and are strongly grounded in theory. These short-format courses are offered for CTLE hours, Continuing Education Units (CEU) or for graduate-level credit. Courses and workshops are held in a variety of formats:

Why Choose CPS

Here are some of the reasons why educators across the country and internationally turn to us for professional support:

Quality Professional Development

Theory meets practice in our interactive courses. Our instructors include some of the most respected specialists and practitioners in the world of education and child development. For more information, please visit  Professional Development.

Convenient Format

Courses are offered in a variety of formats with start dates throughout the year.

  • Friday evenings and Saturdays during the school year,
  • Weekday format during the summer, with courses between 1 and 4 days,
  • Online, in an asynchronous format to fit the lives of busy educators.

Credit & CEU

CPS courses are offered for graduate credit and Continuing Education Units (CEU) as indicated. Readings and an assignment are required for credit. Click here for tuition discounts and registration information (

Nexus for Teaching and Learning

Our courses explore an array of topics in Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle School Education, Special Education, Career Development and Leadership.

New York and New Jersey Professional Development Hours

CPS courses are recognized by the New York and New Jersey Education Departments as qualifying for the 125 and 100 clock hours of professional development, respectively.

Special Note to New York City Teachers

The NYC Department of Education accepts CPS courses for salary differentials. Bankstreet programs and courses, including CPS courses, are registered with the NY State Education Department. Bankstreet is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Special Circular No. 7, 1980-81, issued by the NYC Board of Education, states: "Up to 6 credits of a combination of concentrated courses and weekend seminars may be earned in a semester. Such courses must be offered by regionally accredited institutions in the region where accredited, listed in their catalogues, taught by faculty members of the school, and certified by the school's registrars as being the equivalent of courses taught in a traditional format."