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Travel Program to Morocco

Cultural Explorations in Morocco

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Based in the cities of Rabat and Fes, participants will spend seven days experiencing the culture and languages of Morocco first-hand. Through meetings with representatives from a variety of education institutions, formal and informal, and site visits to the Ministry of Education, and Moroccan schools (when their calendar permits), participants will gain a greater understanding of Arab culture as experienced in Morocco.

It is a country whose citizens must acquire facility in more than one language to be able to participate fully in civic life. Among the languages spoken are Amazigh (Berber), Moroccan Arabic, Standard Arabic, Spanish, and French. These linguistic competencies reflect Morocco's indigenous past, its prominence as a crossroads of Arab civilization over many centuries, and its recent legacy as a European colony. A major topic of discussion and reflection will be how Morocco's educational system fosters national unity and pride while encouraging the multilingual competency of its citizens. Finally, participants will explore the role language plays in forming and maintaining cultural identity in both Morocco and America.

Course Details

Course Name: Cultural Explorations in Morocco: Implications for Educators in Multicultural Settings
Course Number: TEED651N

Course Dates : June 30 - July 8, 2018

Instructor: Susannah Gund (see bio to the right)

Apply online for the 2018 program or download the application form (word). Applications received by March 6 will receive priority and are reviewed weekly. Ask questions at the information table on December 6th, 4-6 pm, in the Bank Street Lobby, 610 W 112th Street, NYC or email

Course Fees 2018:
Includes hotel (double occupancy), most meals, local transportation, and guest speakers.

Tuition Type



Lodging, most meals, local transportation, and guest speakers*


Total Cost

No Credit (80 CTLE)




1 Credits**




2 Credits**




*Additional costs: Airfare to Casablanca, Morocco (group flight will be optional); Travel insurance; 2 meals; alcoholic drinks; souvenirs. Single room suppliment TBA

Cooperating Teacher Vouchers, Staff Vouchers and other tution waiver programs may decrease the program cost by $900 - $3,000 depending on number of credits earned.

**Participants registered for credit will complete an assignment at a later date.


"I learned so much from the people we met in Morocco and by virtue of the fact that the trip was a collaborative experience, I learned a lot from my fellow travelers questions and reflections."
- Kenneth H., Superintendent

"...I knew what brought me here
Conquering my most deepest fear
Out of my comfort zone and speaking my mind
You knew your calling and you were assigned
Crossing studying abroad off my list
Forever in my heart Morocco, forever you will live."

-Excerpt from Ocorro, poem by teacher/graduate student, Jasmina A.

When I originally registered for this course, I believed it would be an incredible experience. However, I did not realize that it would so deeply affect me on a personal and professional level....As an educator, I will forever be changed by this journey” -Anonymous