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The Essential Orton-Gillingham
“It was a perfect overview for how to implement Orton”
  - 2nd grade head teacher, 6 years in the field.

"Really informative and lots of very useful information - Jessica Korenblatt, Teacher

Excellent, Fast-paced, very helpful, and invaluable information - Wendy Smith, ELA Teacher Literacy Specialist, 33 Years in Field


Using Blocks to Build Creative, Inclusive Early Childhood Environments

This was an Excellent Class! I plan on incorporating much of what I learned into my classroom - Anonymous

“[I learned[ how to incorporate social studies and teacher diversion prompts into lessons using blocks” - Sarah Yener, Teacher, 13 years in the field

“Very Enjoyable and Inspiring. Many Ideas for broadening  my curriculum and including  diverse learners”  - Teacher, 12 years in the field.


Experiments in Art: The Artistic Process

“This was the best class I’ve taken in a long time!! I did it for myself as I’ve not really taken an art class. It was wonderful!” - Lynne Cattafi, History Teacher 13 years in Field

“I learned new ways to do art and new ideas to incorporate into the classroom. Each day was an adventure, and I learned something new”  - Assistant Teacher

“What fun! I loved that the 3 instructors brought such diverse backgrounds, skills and styles” - 4th and 5th grade teacher 6 Years in Field


Fractions, Decimals and Percents 

“This was just what I needed!  I’m so glad I signed up.”