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Adrianne Kamsler

Director, Curriculum and Instruction Program

Supervised Fieldwork Advisor; Course Instructor

Academic Interests

Developing family school partnerships, Early childhood education, Issues of equity in education, Teacher development

Some of the Values that Shape My Work

Observing, deep listening, curiosity, and imagination are some of the values or characteristics that I bring to my work. Listening to and watching my students teaches me how to teach them. I want to find the spark that gets kindergarteners, or graduate students, excited about learning and captures their attention.

I’m intrigued by what makes us different from each other and what are the common bonds that can bring a group together. The context of my values resides in my embrace of and commitment to educational equity; where good public schools are located across all neighborhoods and children, families, and teachers are valued and have opportunities to learn and grow.

Work with Families, Children, Schools, and Communities

As a public school teacher, I worked closely with families within my classroom and on school committees to promote home school connections. As a staff developer, I helped classroom teachers develop strategies, activities, and events to welcome families into their classrooms.

Recent Professional Contributions

I worked extensively in an ongoing professional development program in Newark, NJ as staff developer and then project director. We worked with educators to develop classrooms where students were actively engaged in their learning, transitioning from a teacher-centered to a more student-centered environment. Our work incorporated a well-being initiative and family community partnership.

Educational Background

  • Ed.M., Education, Lesley College
  • B.A., English, University of Wisconsin

Contact me:

(212) 875-4571
610 West 112Th Street,
New York, NY 10025