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Marian Howard

Supervised Fieldwork Advisor; Course Instructor

Academic Interests

Alternative learning experiences, how we learn, Communities, Feminism and other “isms”, Museum education, Science, evaluation, biology and rain forest ecology

Some of the Values that Shape My Work

That we can find an ethical culture, an alternative way to live together and be visitors, caretakers of this beautiful earth and leave it better than we found it. That education—in its broadest sense—is the key to a progressive future. That we are our “sisters'” keepers, interconnected during our sojourn here.

Work with Families, Children, Schools, and Communities

I have been a classroom, as well as a reading and resource room teacher, in schools from rural Maine to suburban Scarsdale and worked closely with parents, colleagues, and children. I also worked for three years with teachers at PS 81, helping them to learn to integrate the use of museums into their curriculum.

Recent Professional Contributions

Supervised fieldwork advisor; Union President; Graduate School Task Force member; American Alliance of Museums member; The Museum Association of New York member

Educational Background

  • Ed.D., Anthropology, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • M.S.Ed., Special Education, Bank Street College of Education
  • M.A., Psychology, Columbia University
  • B.A., Sociology and Philosophy, Sarah Lawrence College

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • Howard, M. (1999). Men who never: Male response to women, commitment and marriage in the culture of today: Through the testimony of 30 life-long bachelors. UK: Pentland Press.

  • Howard, M. (1994). The role of the communal voice in constructing meaning at the funeral of an infant in a Quaker community in Costa Rica. Symbolic Interactions, 17, 295-307.

  • Howard, M. (1992). The communal construction of the “outsider” in a Quaker community in Costa Rica. Qualitative Sociology, 15(4), 353-375.

Contact me:

(212) 875-4706
610 West 112Th Street,
New York, NY 10025